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The Scottish Engineering Hall of Fame celebrates and honours those engineers from, or closely associated with, Scotland who have achieved, or deserve to achieve, greatness. The genius and skills of many great Scots have contributed hugely to the wellbeing of the world today, in all fields of engineering. This site will give you some insights into these outstanding individuals.

Dugald Cameron "The art of engineering is the greatest of all the arts of mankind in that it uses science and art in the creation of useful objects and does so in the service of human kind in all of its aspects....".
Prof Dugald Cameron, former Director of Glasgow School of Art

Message from Fergus Ewing MSP

Fergus Ewing

"Scotland has a long and proud tradition of science and engineering excellence. I am pleased to offer my personal support in your efforts to inspire the next generation of young people to consider engineering as a credible and valuable career choice. While it is important to celebrate the great achievements made by Scottish engineers in the past, it is also vital that the contribution of those working today at the forefront of engineering is also recognised.

Improving science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education, in line with Curriculum for Excellence, is a key priority for the Scottish Government. Through changes in learning, teaching and leadership in schools, the curriculum and other changes now being put in place will provide new and creative opportunities to make STEM education more rewarding, stimulating and attractive for all young people."

Fergus Ewing MSP
Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Tourism

James Young

Our Inductees

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We are delighted that Primary Engineer uses the Hall of Fame as a core resource for its Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award.

A PowerPoint quiz based on past inductees is used as a downloadable teaching resource to encourage primary and secondary school pupils to research further into engineering and then interpret the question

"If you were an engineer in Scotland - what would you do?".

The Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award is part of the Leaders Award for STEM initiative and, during the 2014/15 academic year, over 6,000 Scottish school pupils submitted illustrations as part of the programme.

Expandong Flower Pot Trolley for Elderly Calpol Lolly
Eve Rammah
The expanding rubber flower pot
Aiden McCann
Trolley for the Elderly
Ellie Marie Orr
Calpol Lolly

Scottish Primary and Secondary schools can register for the Scottish Engineering Special Leaders Award here.

One of the 2014 winners was inspired by a visit from 2012 inductee Douglas Anderson.

Our Supporters

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